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These are fairly straightforward!

☼ Less Euphemisms, More Penis!
    • Let's write about dick!
    • But you don't have to. Just understand that I likely will.
    • I will also likely write a lot, especially if the mood strikes me.

☼ Speaking of Writing!
    • Good grammar/spelling/punctuation is a must.
    • At least a couple paragraphs; I apologize now, but I will drop threads that get increasingly shorter.
    • I like to know what characters think and feel, why they're doing things, what they intend to do, and how they feel about what my characters are doing.
    • Put some feeling into it; dull and drab is not fun to respond to and odds are I won't.

☼ Who to Bring?
    • Jecht is a father of middle age; all partners must be at least 18+ or otherwise all they'll get is motherly fatherly treatment.
    • Men: he's good with most personalities but the tsundere and the big thinkers are fun fun fun to get worked up.
    • Women: the big, busty, loud, talkative, and fun. Dancing, flaunting, drinking! Jecht loves a lady he can have a good time with, so don't be shy.
    Someone willing: Jecht does not, under any circumstances, do non-con. He'll help the dubious or the unsure along, but if a character says no, he'll be taking them at their word.

☼ Rough and Tumble!
    • Jecht is a big guy. As such, let's see some roughness! Wrestling, biting, dirtiness in the form of mud, dirt, sweat, and semen.
    • Enthusiasm is key! He's honest, exuberant, and full of energy. His partners better be, too, or be willing to ride the waves, so to speak.
    • Expect pinning, being manhandled, moved, carried, and teased.

☼ Let's Talk About Our Feelings.
    • Jecht is unrefined but full of very strong feelings. He can't express them well but he has them!
    • Let's have some romance; love, affection, lust, guilt, regret, anger, hate, show him what you feel and he'll give right back. If a character ain't feelin' it, he won't either.
    • Be straightforward: he has a knack for seeing through the manipulative and the coy, so don't expect saucy plans to work very well on him.

☼ The Dom Game?
    • In most everything, Jecht tops. But why? Because he's the confident, absolutely self-assured one.
    • This doesn't mean he'll always top, but getting him into that position would require a very interesting mix of emotional and physical factors. If a character can pull it off well, it can happen, but I am not holding my breath!
    • He is what I would call the Good Guy Dom: he's friendly, playful, forward, exuberant, and very, very sexual. What he is not is manipulative, sleazy, or nefarious.

☼ Specific Things!
    • Make use of the surroundings! Find new surfaces and things to play with.
    • Clothes! Half on, half off, all on, you don't have to get naked right away.
    • A challenge! Jecht won't force but he loves to win.
    • Interesting scenarios! From your coach to your smirking slave, he can be all this and MORE.
    • Ride the horse! Jecht is a big fan of a man/woman riding his mighty dong.
    • Cheese! Jecht is not the most eloquent of speakers. Expect some hamming it up.
    • Feed him! The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, not through half-assed flirting. If you like him, bring a roast.

☼ Not Under Any Circumstances.
    • Anyone younger than 18.
    • Furries, Bestiality
    • Scat, watersports, guro, vore, death
    • Helpless virgins.
    • Helpless anyone. Any sexual encounter, no matter the parties involved, requires a give and take from both sides. This is mutual, not exclusive; I will not do all the work. If a party goes tag after tag without contributing, either physically, mentally, or emotionally, odds are that I am going to drop the thread.
    • Anyone who doesn't want it. Again, if they tell Jecht no, he's going to listen to them. He'll need some indication of something for him to respond to.
    • Lack of communication, either ICly or OOCly. I'm not a mind reader, gaiz. Let me know if there's something you want/are unsure about!


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